In the Horizon of Dreams

Torn apart….I am in pain
Much to lose, too much to gain
Where are you? O Lord!
Ceaseless ploughing, ever so heard
The bitter sweetness
Of the hurting wounds
The ashes in sorrow
Upon which I grow.
Lonely in a field of old
Dry lips die to thirst
A soul to have, a heart to hold
Voice of small, simple words.
The great lights pass over the sky
Can’t merely eat, sleep, breeze by
I want to be more, more.
A golden grain brighter
The tiny seed of faith
Sleeping in the depths
Touched by love willing to die
Spread your wings and fly.
The tears of joy
When I believe
Fed the sunshine
Arise and shine.
There shall be miracles, don’t you know?
With all your hearts, if you pray
Hope springs, spring flow.
Life’s magical glow
Catch your dreams
Be the world’s very fragrance.

About the Author
Athira Paul is a postgraduate student in English at Loyola College, Chennai. She loves traveling and socializing.

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