Everything seemed to be too fragile,
As if a small jerk could destroy the whole image.
But I saw the face clearly, very clearly,
So solid and perfect!

Though I couldn't see my reflection in the image, I knew I was a part of it...
I felt the tension rising deep inside me as if a bag of butterflies were trying inside me.

I started to run, the fear of confronting the emotions in the eyes of the portrait had taken over me...
The glow in her eyes was too much...
I shifted my gaze uncomfortably from her...
But her eyes had a stern gaze that could hold me still forever.

I could feel the tense silence of the moment,
 plunging through this roots of my hair to my face...
My pace started to gain speed, I ran.
Suddenly my pace became slow,
What was I trying to escape?

And I saw clearly,
There was never a Face that tried to hold my gaze in her eyes!
It was me all the time!
My reflection glared in the light of my realization,
As clear as crystal!

About the Author
Manju Moorthy did her schooling in Girideepam Bethany Central school  ( CBSE ) until 12th. 
Graduated from CMS College Kottayam in Bsc. Botany and Biotechnology 
( Double Main ). She loves to read, write,  travel and socialise. She likes a quiet life and tries to make life as simple as possible.

Find her on Facebook: Manju

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