The Interview

"May I come in, "asked Joe while opening the door to the interview room. A sweet voice answered,  "please come in". Joe was so surprised to see a very beautiful lady officer before him. He was already in a trance.  "Joe, please take a seat," said the officer. He didn't hear what she said, He was looking at her lips move,  the way she tugs her hair when it falls onto her face. "Joe!" The interviewing officer almost had to shout to bring him out of that trance.  "Please take a seat, "She said again.  Joe sat down. He wanted to impress this officer,  he made up his mind to act cool and funny.  "So, you are Joe Joseph? " she asked,  " That is what all my certificates say," he said with a smile.  She smiled and asked,  "Well, what do you say you are?"

"Can you keep a secret?" He asked with a naughty smile.
"I am Batman," he said with a naughty grin.
That made her laugh.  Joe liked her when she laughs.
"So, Batman...why are you here?" She asked with a smile. "I am here to help."
" Are you in the wrong room Mr. Batman? This is a job interview."
"Of course I know that I am Batman!"
"Are you here for a job?"
"Yes, I have noticed that people nowadays call customer service when they are in trouble, they are not using my bat signal anymore. Helping people used to be my job. You have robbed me off that" Joe did not expect this conversation to continue this long, he wished she change the topic.
"Why should I hire you, Batman?"
 He knew that this was going too far but he was afraid that he might appear weak if he suddenly stops the Batman act. "Because I am Batman!" he said.
"Are you always this cocky?" She asked. "Only on Fridays and when beautiful women are around, " he said with a grin. She blushed.  "Well,  don't get all blushed up, today is Friday," he said with a naughty smile.
"Well, I think you are delusional," She remarked. He noticed that she was no longer smiling. Joe knew that this had gone out of his hand.  
 "If you are trying to hit on me, this is not the time or place" she continued.
"I am so sorry ma'am,  I was just trying to impress you," he mumbled.
"Well, I am sorry too because that didn't work, try harder Joe," she said harshly.
"In that case, why don't we stop this Batman act?" he was almost pleading.
"Good, please walk me through your profile"
"Everything to know about me is on that resume ma'am, " he said trying to sound as polite as possible.
"Everything?" she was still serious.
"Yes Ma'am, everything."
"What about your relationship status? It doesn’t say anything here"
"Well, I didn’t think you will be interested in that.. but I am single, " he said putting up a fake smile.
"You are right, I am not." She said. He saw a slight smile on her for a brief second but he was not sure what it was about.
"What is your passion?"
"I am passionate about reading"
"Comics I suppose?" She was teasing him.
Joe just smiled. He was relieved, at least she was not mad at him.
"I am done asking questions, do you have any questions for me?"
"No ma'am, I don't…Emm, can you tell me your name, Ma'am?"
She smiled, "I am Saina, anything else?"
"No ma'am"
"Then please wait outside, we will let you know the result soon"

Joe stood up and walked to the door. He could feel her eyes studying him while he walked. He did not look back. He was certain that he messed the interview up. He thought about leaving before they announce the results but he wanted to see her again. He has not felt like this about anyone. He wanted this job, he wanted to see her all the time.

Joe was waiting with at least 15 of other candidates in the waiting area when the attender came with a piece of paper and read it out;

"Mr Batman, you can collect your appointment letter from the HR manager's office"
  Five candidates jumped up and walked towards the HR manager's office.

About the Author
JOSBIN ITTY, an Economics graduate from St Berchmans College, Changanacherry is a motivational speaker, personality development trainer, reader, blogger and a travel enthusiast. He is currently working on his first novel which is expected to be published soon.

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