The One!

The one who taught me to live
The one who made me see the best in everything
The one who gave me so much to cherish
The one who pushed me to brave the odds
The one who is my strength…

Long gone are those days when time stood still for me
Life was never dull when I was with my chosen one coz
At the end of the day, I always had something to look forward
He was my world
The center of my being

He helped unveil the woman in me
He took me to worlds I didn't know exists
He gave me immense joy and pleasure…

Little did I know we would have to go our separate ways later
And when it came, time was the harshest thing I would come across
Conversations had reduced to hours of silence
I had so much to say, so much to express
But, my tongue just wouldn’t agree
I wanted to assure him things would never change
But words refused to spill out
I bid him bye hoping and praying the best for him
I promised to wait for him
I did and still, I do

Days and months have gone in between
Testing times it all had been!
They robbed me of my spirits
But he was there to hold me on
His invincible hands give me the warmth my body craves for
His words give me the dose of energy which helps me endure it all
We fight like hell for anything and everything
Sure I hate to lose
But when a born winner beats me, even defeats are sweeter
Sometimes you just have to let it be so
Nothing gives me more happiness than his happy face
He’s the greatest fighter I have ever known
The one who hides behind a mask to make those around him happy
He is a child at heart
Who fights like a man
His presence itself is divine,
Those words of assurance are the biggest comforts
The sense of being secure and loved is all one will ever need
My chosen one love for you will never fade
Months and years will go before us,
But for me, you will always be THE ONE!

About the Author
Reema John, a postgraduate student in English from Loyola College,  Chennai. She has a diploma in print journalism from Mascom (Manorama school of communication). A passionate reader, blogger, and a travel enthusiast.

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