Set up a blogger account with customised template in just 5 steps

Having thoughts about starting a blog? You need to start with a better understanding of the blogger platform.

Today I'll show you how to start your own blog in blogger.


  • A name for your blog
  • Gmail account
  • Google plus profile
  • A custom template

That's it. Now you can start your own blog.

Step 1.

Find a unique name for your blog. A name is the most important aspect while creating a blog. Your readers must understand what the blog is about just by looking at the name. A unique name will also help your blog appear first in different search engines. If you do not get the name you wish, don't get depressed, I have a solution and I'll write about that in my next post.

Step 2.

Name already in mind?
Great! half job done.

You should have a Gmail account for using blogger services. If you have one proceed to the next step or else, create one.

Step 3.

Another mandatory setting for using blogger services by Google is that you should have either a Blogspot profile or a Google Plus profile. I highly recommend a Google Plus profile, because you will be able to share your posts and you will be visible in Google search results!
So set it up according to your choice.

Step 4.

Now go to, and sign in with your email account and get your blogger account. That will be like

You now have a blog of your own. 

Simple isn't it?

Step 5.

Now to give a cool design to your blog, download any free or paid blogger template as per your choice. Unzip and extract the template file, ie., the .xml file. 

Go to your blogger dashboard click on the theme on the left side. Click on Backup/Restore button in the top right-hand corner, and click upload a file.

If it doesn't work, no problem click on Edit Html button and erase whatever is inside the box and paste the contents from your custom template and click save on the top.
 If you can't open the XML file, select the file, right-click on it and choose open with. You can choose Wordpad or Notepad for viewing XML document. 
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