Did you know that your android phone can be hacked?

In this smartphone era, most of us consider our phone as our best friend and a safe place to save our valuable information including contacts, pictures, videos, bank account details, linked online accounts, and other miscellaneous details. But do you know that if you are an android user, breaching your google account can hack your phone?

Yes its true. When you use an android phone you are signing up or logging in with a google account and everything you save and store in your phone is saved inside your google account. This account can be accessed from anywhere in the world if you have the account details, that is your email address and password. Another interesting fact is that if you have linked your google to any other online account like for example Linkedin or Pinterest can also be hacked.

So you might wonder then how can we make ourselves safe. There is a simple and an effective solution that I am going to demonstrate it for you. Setting up a two step verification for google. After this step even if someone has your password they need your permission or OTP to login.

How to setup two step verification in google?

Visit on your laptop or phone and click on Get started.

Now you'll be taken to a login screen that asks for a password for your email address (if you are already logged in or else you have to provide both). After filling in the fields click Next.

Now you'll be asked to select your country and enter your mobile number. Select a suitable option from call or text-message.

Enter the code you received in your phone here.

The final step is turn on two step verification.

Now you are safe from getting hacked.

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