Paid or Free Custom domain name for your Blogspot

If your preferred blogger name is already taken or if you like to upgrade your blog to a professional blog or if you think you blog name is too long, you have an ultimate choice: create a custom domain with your Blogspot.

A custom domain looks something like this www.yourblogname.tld here .tld can be .com, .in, .org, .space .tk, .ga etc
Using a custom domain does not require any hosting plans and your site will be running in the same speeds as before.
Custom domains can be
  • Purchased
  • Free

Purchase a custom domain

A custom domain can be purchased from any domain registrar. There are lots of domain registrars like Namecheap, Godaddy, Bigrock etc. They are bought on a yearly basis and must be renewed every year. You have the complete ownership over your domain according to your plan, you have the permission to sell or transfer your domain.

Free custom domain

Free custom domains are provided by freenom, they include .tk, .ml, .ga etc which can be purchased or can be subscribed and renewed for 12 months which is completely free of cost.

Limitations of free over paid

  1. You cannot transfer or sell your domain name.
  2. You do not have complete ownership of the domain.
  3. Freenom can cancel your domain at any time.
  4. You should have minimum 25 unique views every month.
setting up a custom domain in blogger is simple, and hassle free. Get a domain name and add it to your blogger account, verify with a CNAME record. Your Custom domain will start working immediately if it was correctly configured.

I have included a detailed post on configuring a custom domain for your Blogspot account.

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