Read this before you buy Jio-Phone or "India ka Smartphone"

Jio Phone or "India Ka Smartphone" was announced by Mukesh Ambani on Friday with an "effective price" of ₹ 0 which includes ₹ 1500 as an upfront cost which will be refunded after 3 years. The phone features unlimited data, calling and SMS with an option for connectivity and transmission to television, acting as a provider of cable TV. 

The Jio Phone will have a 

  1. 2.4-inch QVGA non-touch screen
  2. Alphanumeric keypad
  3. Dedicated button for Torchlight
  4.  2MP rear camera
  5. 2000mAh battery
  6. 512 MB RAM
  7. 4GB memory (expandable with microSD).
It also features a headphone jack, microphone, speaker, Bluetooth and supports FM Radio as well.

The 4G VoLTE-enabled JioPhone supports 22 languages, and users can speak to the device via voice commands. It comes with prebuilt Jio apps and browser support. You can watch movies and TV with Jio cinema.

It lacks wifi and wifi tethering. In order to use cable connectivity, the customer should recharge with ₹ 309. The starting plan for Jio phone is ₹ 153 per month which offers unlimited calling, 100 SMS and 500MB per day.

Jio phone supports dual sim, ie, two 4G VoLTE GSM sim. These slots can only be used for connections which support 4G VoLTE (most network operators still lack this).

So if you are planning to buy a Jio-phone it can only be used for calling and SMS with a monthly rental of ₹ 153. Jio phone is the best choice for you if you are a customer who calls or texts more than ₹ 153 per month.

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