The Companion Of Darkness

Night has fallen, the sun has vanished. People are seeking shelter.The buzz of the streets has subsided. Rain is drizzling. Now here is a lady with her lantern on the streets, walking slowly into the darkness.The cool breeze sweeping through her grey hairs gives her a shabby look.

She is too old for her age, yet she walks miles...climbs tiny peaks and finally reaches a small hill top...her destination. Where she had spend all her nights for the past years. Little stars are out winking at her.The cool breeze is ready to open up a chat. She then seeks shelter under a huge tree, the mother tree. Rests her head on the trunk and lets out a deep cry which she had been carrying at heart all the way long....

Once upon a time she was the ravishing gem of the eye-catching gorgeous figure men lusting after!! But changing seasons took away the gloss from her.Now she is a withered rose,trambled on... like a late winters moon which has lost its charm.This very reality have trembled her.Now all the men who have devoured her has abandoned her. Bound by the feel of insecurity, journeying through the evening of her life...she has none other than darkness as her companion.

About the Author
Sebin Antony is a Civil Engineer by profession, a Film Maker by passion and a Scribbler by heart. He has scripted few short films and has held the position of the Editor to his college magazine.

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