Hello there, 

You might have many questions. Let us try and answer some of them.

Who are we?
We are a group of readers, writers,  travellers,  artists and whatnots with curious minds. 

"we are the readers
we are the learners 
we are the dreamers
we are the leaders 

We are a breed of uncommon men.
We are those who refuse to be hushed up
We are those who cannot be defeated
Because we never give up."

Why TranspireOnline?
We have a lot of unexplored and unencouraged talent all around us. This is why we started TranspireOnline, to discover the unidentified talents. 

What is TranspireOnline?
TranspireOnline is a platform to transpire yourselves to the world. This is a combined effort to create a cross-disciplinary treasure chest of knowledge, information, inspiration, insight and everything else that there is.

It is our understanding that these different subjects spanning arts, science, medicine, psychology, philosophy, history, politics, and more illuminate one another to give us an insight directly or indirectly into the big question of how to live life meaningfully.  

Is this service free?
TranspireOnline is free and will remain free forever. 

How to Join us?
You can join us by sending us your works; stories, poems, articles (about anything under the Sun), artworks, drawings, photographs or anything else to along with your photo, profile information and links to your social networking sites. 


• Works must be genuine. We do not entertain plagiarism. 
• Works can either be in English or in Malayalam. 
• Abusive and vulgar language must be avoided.
• Do not worry about the word limit, just convey your idea.
• Do not let the fear of making mistakes stop you from writing. 

Our team will take care of your grammar and help you improve your writing skills. 

• You will have full copyrights on your works and we will only publish them with your consent.

• For drawings and photographs, we will add our watermarks on them to prevent people from copying it. We will give you full credits for your works though. Please make sure to include a description of your drawings and photos.
Feel free to write to us at the above email address.